Dorico Expression Map Editor

Dorico Expression Map Editor (DEME) is an app I’ve written to facilitate editing expression maps in Dorico, music notation and composition software by Steinberg. DEME works by importing and exporting Dorico libraries, and is especially helpful for large expression maps. It provides features to:

  • Filter and sort switches
  • Cut and paste actions, conditions, and switches within and between expression maps
  • Automatically add multiple switches with technique combinations
  • Edit multiple switches more robustly
  • Convert switch and action types
  • Replace all instances of a technique in switches
  • View switch ID, enabled status, and articulation type in tables
  • View note-on and note-off actions simultaneously

DEME requires macOS Mojave or newer, and can be downloaded free of charge. But please consider supporting its development. Thank you!

And please contact me with questions or feedback.